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Local european casino news with up-to-date articles, vlogs, blogs, videos and interesting information about the gambling industry and local gambling companies in and from europe.

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International News

Overview with recent news from the international gambling industry. Read interesting articles from abroad and stay informed of the latest news in the field of gaming and gambling.

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Read and learn everything about eSports, Fantasy Sports and other virtual sports here. The new craze in online betting and internet gambling.

eSports News


Sports betting is booming and they are making huge strides both before and behind the scenes. Discover the newest trends and popular games in the field of online sportsbetting.

Online Sportsbetting

Gambling Events

Data about upcoming congresses, fairs and events in the online and offline european gaming and gambling industry.

Upcoming Events

Reports & Statistics

Market analysis, research, reports, publications and discussions of annual figures and financial results of gambling companies in europe.

Industry Data


Find out who were the winners of the state lottery or who won one of the international lotteries. You will also find news articles about all bingo and keno results here.

Lottery News


Scratch cards, known for the "scratch and win" promotions, are still very popular in the world. And although the chance of winning major prices is small, there are regular hits to be made.

Everything about scratch cards

Landbased Casinos

News overview with articles and gossip about land based casinos and one of the hundreds of gambling companies in .

Offline Casino News

Online Casinos

News and facts about all european online casinos and gambling companies that are active in the casino industry. Backgrounds, investors, gossip ... you will find it all here.

Online Casino News

Law & Regulation

The gambling law in the world can be called very complex. It is very important for both players and companies to be aware of all terms and conditions that must be met.

News about Gambling Laws

Addiction & Prevention

For a small percentage of players, online gambling comes with the necessary dangers. Read here how you can deal with your or your partners gambling problems and which agencies are best to contact.

All About Gambling Addiction

Jackpot Winners

Although more people lose than win with online gambling, there are always lucky players who win the jackpot. Here you will find an overview of all recent winners.

Jackpot Winners

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